CAN Seamer services


CAN Seamer services

Ask us for services for CAN seamers of any Europe, America, China or Taiwan. We provide an effective services to meet your specific needs.

Thanks to our expert team with vast subject knowledge and our supply partners from Europe, We provide services which include technical assistance for settings & analysis, maintenance & overhauling, upgrades, spare parts & changeover parts supply.

Technical assistance

Thanks to more than 10 years plus of expertise in the subject of seaming by our expert team, we offer you complete 360 degrees technical assistance.

Our technical assistance includes…

  • Breakdown repair
  • Settings & Analysis
  • Preventive maintenance & Overhauling
  • Technical training

We have trained specialist for Repair, Maintenance & Overhauling of seaming machines for any European, American, Chinese or Taiwan make of seamer. We also offer customised Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) based on seamer you operate.

We also offer different training sessions as per specific needs for plant operation team related to seaming operation, seamer settings and maintenance.

We strongly believe that providing excellent technical assistance is critical for seamer. Hence, we pay utmost focus on quality of services and also continuous upgrade of our technical team by ongoing training.

Spare parts & Changeover parts supply

You need new set of changeover parts with change in CAN diameter or height. We offer you changeover parts for any make of seaming machine. The changeover parts can be provided either complete set or partial, depending on your requirement for the new CAN.

We supply quality spare parts made in INDIA or by our qualified Europen and Taiwan supply partners. All supplied spare parts are guaranteed for correct operation for operation life span. The yearly requirement spare parts stocking can be planned based on volume. Optimum


To upkeep the machine performance with recent new developments, we offer upgrades in your old seamers. It can also be customised or our standard development based on your seamer

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