Pack your Beer in Keg

Kegging system


Kegging system

Automatic and semi automatic keg lines for filling and packaging of beer in kegs of any size. Our kegging systems are made suitable to customer technical specifications

Our solutions for kegging are divided in two categories:

  • Semiautomatic systems for productions of up to 20 kegs/hour
  • Automatic systems for productions ranging from 30 to 80 kegs/hour

Kegging system is designed for stainless steel kegs and same can also be adapted for one-way plastic kegs.

Our kegging system can be completed by a series of ancillary machines, such as External and Internal Keg washers, Flash pasteuriser, range of control stations, Capping and De-capping station, Keg filler, Turner, Weighing checker and Conveyors as per requirement. No matter what your specific need may be, we can discuss it together and find the best solution to make the suitable to your requirement.

Points of your interest

  • Made of with the best materials, such as the stainless steel AISI 304 & AISI 316
  • Are designed to carry out automatically the washing and the filling of kegs
  • Compact in design to best fit in the space
  • Equipped with highly technological content, even in the smallest plant
  • Customise kegging system to meet any technical and production requirement

Flash pasteuriser

RAPIDpro-flash is pasteuriser gives continuous pasteurisation that extend the shelf life of your Beer. With applied temperature and its retention time, it reliably kills micro-organisms.

Hot water is circulated according to capacity to warm the product and in the heating section your beverage is heated in a counterflow to pasteurization temperature. Plate heat exchanger is used for  reliably pasteurise Beer flow 1KL to 20KL.

Following flash pasteurisation, microbiologically safe products are cooled down to 1 – 2 deg C and transferred to the filler. Insulated buffer tank installed between the flash pasteuriser and filler. The operation of flash pasteuriser is well synchronised with buffer tank level control so as to ensure constant temperature or PU control. Level-controlled flow regulation reduces the number of start-ups and shut-down, gives constant quality of Beer.

We can also customise the system to adopt special requirements according to product.

Points of your interest

  • Made of with the best materials, such as the stainless steel AISI 304 & AISI 316
  • Complete automatic system well synchronized with buffer table and filler
  • Hygienic design concept for better product safety, CIP ability
  • System designed for heat recovery up to 92%