Process systems - Water


Water Treatment Plant (WTP)

RAPIDpro-wtp is reliable membrane system that is easy to use, operate & maintain. A system so customized, that it can take care of customer’s likes and preferences. An optimized combination of RO technology with advanced system automation. It ensures minimal chances for human error in operation.

The system offers limitless options to ease your water needs. WTP is designed utilizing diverse range of treatment of water such as:

  • Activated carbon, Media & Anthracite filtration
  • Sedimentation
  • Membrane process such as RO, NF & UF
  • Water softening by ion exchange
  • Aeration / De-aeration
  • UV distillation / Sterilisation
  • Storage tanks

Standalone or in combination, RAPIDpro-wtp can produce right quality water for your various process needs or applications.


  • Using new top brand membranes as per process need
  • Positive seaging of membrane – no interconnectors – safeguards against internal leaks due to sliage, wear or abrasion
  • Lower permeate back pressure
  • Delivers precise and sustained fluid separation

Advantage OEC

  • High efficiency pumps coupled with variable frequency drive (optional)
  • Automatic adjustment of system to produce designed flow in case of feed quality variations, within permissible limits
  • Water hammer prevention – better membrane life

Ruggedness – just fit & forget

  • ASME code designed, FRP / stainless steel pressure vessel
  • Free access for easier membrane inspection, replacement or trouble shooting
  • All rigid piping – NO leakages
  • Jerk free operation of auto valves with speed regulators

Integrated auto flush & clean

  • Aiming at better membrane life, integrated flush and clean system makes the system superior in comparison to conventional systems
  • Complete in-built CIP system
  • Feed water system flush at every start
  • Auto permeate rinse and soak at every shut down

RAPIDpro-wtp are completely pre-engineered to suit modern fast track projects. Flexibility is however available for segment specific user requirements. Complete stainless steel structure of skid, panel & piping for food & beverages industry.

CIP (Cleaning – In – Place) system

RAPIDpro-clean is designed to clean and disinfect various processing plants. The reliable system is available in Semi automatic (STA) and Automatic version (STAL), which meets the stringent hygiene regulations demanded by food & beverage industry having best of the sanitary standards.

CIP system is designed utilizing diverse range of treatment such as:

  • Single tank CIP system
  • Two tank CIP system
  • Three tank CIP system

For more details, please communicate with Mr. Shailesh Wankhede