RAPIFunpack series of “pick-n-place” un-packer can handle wide range of Glass containers to be un-packed from plastic crates. Different pack formation is possible to handle having cylindrical shape glass bottles. Precisely controlled movement and sequences ensure the gentle treatment to containers.

The bottles are gripped with pneumatic function in to the crates and lifted to conveyor height of 1.2 mtr and release on the bottle table. Different functions on the trajectories for loaded and empty cycles as per pack and bottles dimensions are adjustable from HMI.

User friendly design of un-packer with all safety measures makes the machine suitable for medium and high speed glass bottle line (10,000 to 36,000 BPH) for CSD or Beer product. The bottle diameter of 55 – 90 mm can be handled in machine.

Model Cycles/hr (Plastic crate)
RAPIDunpack-D- 2200 (Double column) 375
RAPIDpack-D- 2800 (Double column) 360

Points of your interest

  • Suitable machine selection according to requirement
  • Well synchronized operation with infeed / discharge conveyors
  • Quick change over
  • Precise adjustable functional positions from touch HMI
  • User friendly operation
  • Covered with safety all around machine
  • Stand alone machine efficiency > 98.5%