Full carton inspection


Missing of one or more bottles in plastic or  carton is possible due to some reason in case packer. RAPIDinspect-WC is installed at discharge conveyor of case packer, which measures the weight of carton in-line and compares with standard carton. Carton with lower weight is rejected automatically. The system is well synchronized with case conveyor. Consistency of inspection system is guaranteed more than 99.97%. Carton weight from 1.5 kg to 18 kg can be measured up to conveyor linear speed up to 20 mtr/min.

Filled bottle inspection


Correct fill level and crowning/capping is key quality parameter to be ensured without any error of inspection. Manual inspection of crowning/capping and correct fill level cannot be reliable for medium and high speed lines. Your packed product is inspected by RAPIDinspect-FB, which is camera based fill level and crowning / capping automatic inspection, installed at the discharge of filling machine.

CCD camera is used to get image of each bottles passed through up to speed 42,000 BPH. RAPIDinspect-FB senses the fill level accurately thanks to system called “bubble compensated algorithm“ reduces the effect of bubbles. Under & over fill level up to accuracy of +/- 1.5 mm can be determined up to conveyor speed of 105 mm.

Camera based inspection systems offered for your product in Glass or PET containers.

  • Fill level inspection
  • Foreign particles inspection
  • Crowning / capping inspection
  • Date coding inspection
  • Label inspection