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RAPIDfill filling machine for glass bottles, is combination of reliable, best hygienic condition, flexibility and performance. This gives very good product quality and optimal TCO. Filling machine is for glass bottles of pack sizes 250 ml – 650 ml. It can fill products with CO2 like Beer, Carbonated soft drink or RTD with high level of product safety.

RAPIDfll-B is specially designed filling machine to fill Beer in glass with double evacuation, which guarantee DO pick-up less than 30 ppb. Technologically advanced filler for glass having mechanical or electro pneumatic filling valves options.

RAPIDfill-BM :  Glass filler with mechanical filling valves

Model Filling valves Rated speed (beer @ 650ml)
RAPIDfill-BM-32 32 6,000
RAPIDfill-BM-40 40 8,000
RAPIDfill-BM-50 50 14,000
RAPIDfill-BM-60 60 18,000
RAPIDfill-BM-72 72 20,000
RAPIDfill-BM-80 80 24,000
RAPIDfill-BM-96 96 30,000

RAPIDfill-BE : Glass filler with electro-pneumatic filling valves

Model Filling valves Rated speed
RAPIDfill-BE-60 60 20,000
RAPIDfill-BE-72 72 22,000
RAPIDfill-BE-80 80 28,000
RAPIDfill-BE-96 96 32,000

RAPIDfill-B is the CIP able filling system ensures the best hygienic conditions. The CSD products having CO2 content up to 8 grams/ltr can be filled up to 6 deg. C with mechanical filling valve and with electro- pneumatic filling valve @ 10 deg. C.

Points of your interest

  • Faster container handling parts changeover
  • Reliable and consistent filling operation
  • Longer operational life of consuming parts
  • Lower foot print
  • Filling accuracy (STDEV) < 1.5 mm for mechanical filling valves
  • Filling accuracy (STDEV) < 1.2 mm for volumetric filling valves
  • O2 pickup during filling < 30 ppb with 330 gr/ltr of CO2 consumption
  • Operational efficiency > 98.5%
  • Loss of carbonation < 0.1 vol
  • Filling temp from 2° C to 10° C
  • Automatic lubrication system