RAPIDdepal-BL is low level de-palletiser for Glass, PET or CAN containers. The low level de-pal pushes the containers from pallet layers to bottle table (conveyor) at height of 1.1 mtr. It can handle wide range of diameter of cylindrical containers having diameter ranging 50 – 110 mm and height ranging 120 – 340 mm.

Automatic inter layer removing system is attached to De-pal, having Interlayer sheet made of plastic or paper. Pallet stacking can be selected as manual or automatic as per operation requirement. Platform with station is attached to pallet conveyor to remove stretch film and strips over containers manually.

Automatic operation precisely and gently handles the fresh containers without chance of any damage. RAPIDdepal-BL can reach to speed up to average speed of 1.5 layer/min