Carton erecting



Hot melt carton erector

RAPIDerect-H is automatic high speed carton opener with hot melt glue. Machine extracts the carton from carton magazine by vacuum pad, open the carton, folds the bottom flaps and seals them by hot melt glue. The complete machine is mechanically coupled, working on cam operation. Top side open cartons are dropped to carton conveyor.

Machine is capable of handling various sizes of cartons with set of changeover parts, which takes very less time. RAPIDerect-H can reach to rated speed up to 30 cartons/min.

Tape carton erector

RAPIDerect-T is semiautomatic carton erector with BOPP tape. Carton is to be side opened manually and load on Erector. BOPP tape is applied on bottom flaps and carton is fed on to carton conveyor with top flap open. It is suitable for low and middle speed lines for both Glass and CAN.

RAPIDerect-T can reach to rated speed up to 18-20 cartons/min.