Bottle washing



RAPIDwash is washing system for wide range of cylindrical shape bottles. It washes dirty market return glass bottles, which is critical function for product safety. With quality of washing, it also demands optimal utilization of resources. Both quality output and optimum utilization meets the best in RAPIDwash series of washing machines. Suitable washing machine can be selected according to application (CSD, Juice or Beer) and bottle size.

Two versions of washing machines are available….

1) Single end washing machine

2) Double end washing machine

Single end washing machine, RAPIDwash-S serves for small capacities up to 8,000 BPH. Infeed and discharge are on same side, which minimises the space requirement. Label extraction system is attached to washer for washing of bottles with labels (paper labels with cold glue).

Double end washing machine, RAPIDwash-D serves medium and higher range capacities 10,000 – 30,000 BPH. Label extraction system is attached to washer for washing of bottles with labels (paper labels with cold glue). Returnable bottles with aluminium foils can also be handled with provision of hydrogen gas extraction system.

RAPIDwash can handle cylindrical bottles with height 130 – 310 mm and diameter 55 – 80 mm.

Model Pitch Rated capacity (650ml)
RAPIDwash – S – 16/90 90 mm 8,000 BPH
RAPIDwash – D – 20/94 94 mm 14,000 BPH
RAPIDwash – D – 28/94 94 mm 20,000 BPH
RAPIDwash – D – 34/94 94 mm 24,000 BPH
RAPIDwash – D – 40/94 94 mm 30,000 BPH

Interfacing systems for washing machine that makes washing operation efficient and user friendly….

  • Parabolic filter: Bigger size dirt and foreign particles adds on huge load on washer and afforts of cleaning for machine operator. Parabolic filter deals with such dirt & foreign particles, eliminating it automatically in pre-caustic section. It reduces the requirement of cleaning efforts of operator up great extent.
  • Pre-rinser: It is installed on feeding conveyor to washer. It uses drain water of washer having some amount of caustic, which sprays on dirty bottles. It reduces the load on washer and utilizes utilities better.
  • Label press: To avoid safety hazard and user friendly operation, it presses wet labels out of washer with high pressure and turns in to solid cylinder, easy to disposed off.
  • Sedimentation system: automatic system of sedimentation of caustic baths increases the operational life of caustic and improves the washing quality.
  • Automatic dosing system: Conductivity based automatic caustic dosing system precisely maintains caustic percentage in caustic bath improves utilization and avoids chance of failures of quality parameters.
  • Automatic caustic jet cleaning: System offers automatic timely cleaning of caustic jets, improves the cleaning and label removing efficiency.
  • Caustic bath replacement system: It allows caustic bath solution with more dirt to replace with lower dirt caustic bath to improve caustic life and cleanability.

Points of your interest

  • Lowest TCO in speed range
  • Fresh water consumption < 260ml/bottle
  • Consistent water pressure spray with Air dumping system
  • Eco-friendly bottle pocket carrier, reduces the steam consumption by 15% and reduces the use of caustic and other chemicals due to less carry over.
  • Infeed & Discharge cam with small replaceable ware part, reduces the replacement time and maintenance cost
  • Self cleaning caustic jets, reduces maintenance efforts
  • Parabolic self cleaning filter in pre-caustic zone reduces cleaning effort drastically
  • Water cooled shaft sealing system for label extraction pump, improves operating life
  • “FILTER CHOCK ALARM” for operator, improves operational reliability
  • Automatic maintenance alert for operator, improves operational reliability
  • Pre-washing of dirty bottles by using  bottle washer waste water, reduces dirt load on washer
  • Construction of material can be selected carbon steel or stainless steel as per requirement.
  • Systems which improves caustic utilization…
    • Automatic inter caustic zone transfer system
    • Automatic sedimentation system
    • Automatic caustic dosing system