Shrink packing



RAPIDshrink-S is single roll shrink packer delivers high quality shrink wrapped packs. It is for PET or CAN containers. It offers various speed ranges for different pack sizes from 200ml to 2.25 ltr with various pack combinations in single OR double lane design.

Model Cycles/min Production lane
RAPIDshrink-S 25 25 single/double
RAPIDshrink-S 30 30 single/double
RAPIDshrink-S 45 45 single/double
RAPIDshrink-S 60 60 single/double
RAPIDshrink-S 75 75 single/double

Based on layout combination of 90° or In-line containers infeed can be selected. Smooth feeding according to pack formation is ensured by perfect speed synchronization. Separation plates made of SS with adjustable vibrating device feed the smooth and continuous flow of containers. Servo controlled “2- fingers” pack formation device very gently feed the containers without any damage and also makes the formation / pack size change over very fast on finger tip.

Packs with and without print film can be produced by precise film servo based cutting unit. Wrinkle free and consistent cutting is established by vacuum and pneumatic web tension system. HMI controls all operating functions and changeovers. No of servo control functions increases (up to 10 servos) as the speed rise, makes the complete operation precise even at high speed up to 75 cycles/min. Pneumatic stopper on/off type pack formation is used for shrink packer lesser than 30 cycles/min.

Electrically operated efficient heating tunnel length depends on container and machine speed. Metal chain cooling fan is provided at the bottom of tunnel and cooling fan at pack discharge. Precise heating control with SSR and high quality heaters having longer operation life. Lowest TCO with highest service factor is the attraction of RAPIDshrink.

Points of your interest

  • Fast and accurate change over with special distance locking device
  • Lowest TCO in respected speed segment
  • Minimum maintenance effort due to servo system
  • Unique pressure management system at feeding section ensures smooth running
  • Less than 25 sec of film change over time with dual film roll unwinder