RAPIDrinse - C


RAPIDrinse-C is gravity rinser. It means CAN are rinsed with water while rolling down from 3.2 mtr to 1.1 mtr. height. Plastic block turners are used to turn CAN inside Rinser. CAN damage inside Rinser is not possible as only plastic parts are in contact with CAN. Rinsing and dripping is designed according to line speed and specific requirement. It minimizes the residue water in CAN to less than 1 ml.

Rinsed water is collected in tank and supplied back for reuse, which result in minimizing the water consumption. Rinsed water supply pressure is monitored digitally and interlocked to ensure CAN do not pass through without proper rinsing.

Separate Rinser is installed side by side for different pack sizes with CAN diversion at infeed and discharge conveyor. The change over time is negligible for pack size change.


Points of your interest

  • All CAN contact parts in plastic material
  • Solid block type CAN turner
  • NO adjustment or replacement part in turner for entire life cycle
  • Automatic rinsed water collecting system
  • Both side openable doors with observation transparent window