RAPIDpas ensures “KILLING EFFECT” suitable for the product such as Beer, Soft drink, Isotonic and Tea. Modular design makes it possible to offer options of wide range of process areas that suits for different products. Modules up to width of 4.2 mtr can be offered in single tunnel design.

Machine module width
RAPIDpas 14 1.4 mtr
RAPIDpas 18 1.8 mtr
RAPIDpas 24 2.4 mtr
RAPIDpas 28 2.8 mtr
RAPIDpas 34 3.4 mtr
RAPIDpas 38 3.8 mtr
RAPIDpas 42 4.2 mtr

Special design nozzles (Stainless steel or special plastic) with 120° water spray avoids any chance of dead spray zone throughout the process area. Low in energy consumption due to interconnecting water circulation piping design. Electrical control system comes with “QUICK TEMP“ software, which manages fast temperature corrections to keep PU within precise range.

Version “STAL” is equipped with automatic PU regulating system within range of -2 / +3 even in any of the operation mode / condition through “QUICK TEMP“ software. Option is available of automatic and manual filtration. Version “STA” is simplified basic version of machine, which offers PU regulation range of -2 / +4 under balance condition.

Customised attachments as per application requirement like additional cooling system, automatic dosing system, utility consumption measurement etc is available, which can be attached as separate module. RAPIDpas is suitable for containers with wide range of sizes of CAN or GLASS with plastic or SS chain as per technical compatibility.

Points of your interest

  • Multiple compartment design
  • Machine lengthwise tank design gives good space below machine for movement
  • Selection of with OR without PU control system
  • Side openable windows facilitate good space for maintenance
  • Openable roof top window gives better access inside machine
  • 120° forced spray ensures NO empty spray pocket
  • Lower electrical connected load
  • Lower BOT with external cooling system as separate attachment
  • Very low maintenance effort
  • PU consistency up to -2 / +3 during any operating stage