RAPIDpal is palletiser to stack cartons, shrink film pack  OR haft tray pack. It is possible to handle plastic or wooden pallet of different sizes. Different layer wise formation of pack can be programmed as per sequence.

RAPIDpal series of palletiser with two versions of machines, single column (RAPIDpal-S) and double column (RAPIDpal-D). Single column palletiser is suitable for low and medium line speed up to 25 cartons/min. Two column palletiser is selected for 25 – 60 cartons/min. Cartons are fed to palletiser with one OR two carton conveyors according to line speed.

Automatic pallet un-stacker is connected to feed the pallets one by one. Automatic inter layer inserting system is connected in case of palletsing of shrink film pack. Carton divider and turners are installed for two lane feeding, which is well synchronized with layer formation device. Machine is covered with mechanical grill for human safety.

Unique software “PAL COMBI”  make it possible for operator to generate new combination of layers and no of layers from HMI. This unique feature offers more flexibility of operation. Ergonomic designs of machine gives operation friendly experience and also ease of maintenance with centralised lubrication system.

Points of your interest

  • Lowest TCO in speed range
  • Flexible programmable layerwise formation
  • User friendly machine operation
  • Optimised foot print in comparison