It is time and proven that efficient conveying of containers between equipment is one of the most important factors of high efficiency output for glass, PET or CAN lines. Designing of adequate buffer between equipment refer to line speed is critical and we do it intelligently with optimizing space utilisation. Modular design of conveyors makes possible to implement variety of combination of layout.

RAPIDcon is possible to run large range of container sizes (pack sizes) in round shape. Solution is available for containers like PET, Glass or CAN up to line speed 42,000 BPH.

Control system with specially designed software “GAP feed” ensures very low pressure containers conveying, reduces container wall damage and breakages in big way. The best part of the system is the efficient utilisation of buffer during line operation, which reduces the downstream equipment down time and getting best line output efficiency @ rated speed V curve of equipment.

Points of your interest

  • Latest is our Dry running conveyors. It is available in versions for GLASS bottles and for CAN. It reduces the water consumption by 85% and also reduces the cleaning / maintenance efforts.
  • Magnetic curve has specific operational life, which need to be replaced complete in normal case. We have solution, NO longer requirement of replacing complete magnetic curve after finish of operation life but just need to replace the top ware strip, which put back turner in operation. It is not just reducing maintenance cost but also increases machine availability.
  • Indian beer industry always struggling with higher rate of bottle rejection, when automatic Empty Bottle Inspector (EBI) before Filler is in operation. Sudden higher bottle rejections (>  3%) out of EBI causes frequent stoppages of filler due to lack of bottles. It is due to conveyor combiner operation. We offer solution for conveyor combiner with “Pressure LESS” operated with special designed software “ONE-ON-ONE“. It ensures accurately feeding of bottles to filler according to consumption. We guarantee NO bottle shortage to filler (NO down time of filler) even up to EBI rejections up to 8% at any instant.
  • Conveyors at discharge of pasteurizer is equipped with rotating brush, which ensure cleaning of smallest glass particles. Glass collection tray is installed at conveyor end for glass pieces collection.
  • Pressure less conveying with best of the buffer utilization by “GAP feed” and “ONE-ON-ONE” control software.