Pack & Case conveying



RAPIDcon-P/ C having different solutions for specific application for conveying plastic crate, shrink film pack, cardboard carton or shrink film pack (with/without tray/pad).

Friction free roller belt is used for shrink film pack, which ensures no damage to pack in while accumulation of packs. Special accumulation belts are used for buffer zones and 900 turners. Control system is very precise in such accumulation conveyors to avoid any damage to pack. Very fine pitch dead roller plate is used for smooth transfer of packs.

Slate chains or powered roller conveyors are used for plastic crate or cardboard cartons as per application. Special software of “jam pack signal” ensures no over excess rubbing of crates or cartons especially in jamming condition, which reduces the wear and tear drastically.

Perfect customised layouting is skill to incorporate inline systems like top/bottom sealer, weight inspection, rejecter, coder etc. Such systems are very well synchronized with pack/carton conveyors.

Points of your interest

  • Special design of manual pack unloading with high efficiency
  • Friction less roller conveying for shrink film pack
  • NO carton OR pack jamming due to unique control software design
  • Smooth flow of pack with low pitch dead plate