Fill level inspection

RAPIDinspect-F is very low emitted X-ray inspection system, which detect the level with very high accuracy up to conveyor speed 1.5 mtr/sec. Pneumatic rejecter eject out the identified low level filled CAN. RAPIDinspect-F is suitable for line speed up to 36,000 CPH. The inspection consistency is guaranteed up to 99.7%

Leak inspection

RAPIDinspect-L is used to detect the leakage in CAN after pasteurizer. It is by contact method of pressure technique. It detect leak CAN accurately up to line speed 36,000 CPH

Empty CAN inspection

RAPIDinspect-E is CCD camera based system is used to inspect foreign particles in CAN or damage of CAN mouth profile up to line speed 36,000 CPH.

Field carton inspection

RAPIDinspect-W is inspection ensure correct amount of CAN are packed in carton. It measures actual weight of cartons online on carton conveyor. Pneumatic operated Rejecter installed in line reject the carton with less weight compared to standard weight.