Filling – Seaming





Filling machine for CAN pack sizes 200ml – 1,000 ml. It can fill Beer or CSD products with high level of product safety. RAPIDfll-CM is specially designed filling machine to fill Beer in CAN with low DO pick-up up to 30 ppb.

Filling machine versions in both Mechnical and Volumetric (Electronic flow meter type) filling valves area available as per your requirement.

RAPIDfill-CM: CAN filler with mechanical filling valves

Model Filling valves Rated speed (@ 330ml)
RAPIDfill-CM-15 15 8,000
RAPIDfill-CM-20 20 12,000
RAPIDfill-CM-30 30 16,000
RAPIDfill-CM-40 40 22,000
RAPIDfill-CM-50 50 28,000
RAPIDfill-CM-60 60 34,000
RAPIDfill-CM-72 72 40,000

RAPIDfill-CV: CAN filler with volumetric filling valves

Model Filling valves Rated speed 
RAPIDfill-CM-40 40 24,000
RAPIDfill-CM-50 50 30,000
RAPIDfill-CM-60 60 36,000
RAPIDfill-CM-72 72 42,000

RAPIDfill-C is the CIP able filling system ensures the best hygienic conditions. The Beer or CSD products having CO2 content up to 8.0 grams/ltr can be filled up to 14 deg. C with volumetric filling valves and 5 deg. C with mechanical filling valves without compromising the performance and output.

The improved CO2 pre-flushing system results in utmost product safety with reduced O2 pick-up, down to 30 ppb


The application of CAN Seamer is covered from seaming of product with or without gas. In order to satisfy all demands for different products, the Seamer can be designed including the accessory of “Under Cover Gasser”, “Bubble Breaker”, “Automatic Lubrication System” to reach the highest flexibility and efficiency.

The high speed CAN Seamer can be added the oil recirculation system with enclosed design base gear box. All the bottom gears and shafts run in the liquid oil on purpose to extend the life time of the transmission parts, save the cost of the oil consumption and reduce the machine running noise.

By reducing the diameter of the lifter plate and making the lifting cam lower, the CAN Seamer can minimize the product spillage and increase the production efficiency. The complete transmission parts are covered by the large stainless steel door at the machine bottom for operator safety and easy maintenance.

Our technology tie up partner SIMIK having engineering technical masters spent 40 plus years on the continuous improvement of the seamer, now they can manufacture the high speed seamer up to the speed of 1200 CPM with stabilised performance.

Technology tie-up partner

Points of your interest

  • Performance at par with industrial standard
  • Easy container handling parts and changeover
  • Faster filling valve change over
  • Longer operational life of consuming parts
  • 15% lower foot print
  • Lower DO pickup during filling < 30 PPB
  • Filling accuracy (SD) < 1.7 ml for mechanical filling valves
  • Filling accuracy (SD) < 1.2 ml for volumetric filling valves
  • Capable of filling up to temp. 10 deg. C.
  • Operational efficiency  > 98.5%
  • Lower TCO in respected speed segment