RAPIDde-pal is suitable for lower to high speed range of high level de-palletising application for empty CAN with layer pushing speed up to 2.5 layers/min. It is capable of adopting in different layout with In-line OR 90° outfeed configuration. Machine can be design according to different pallet sizes and container heights. Automatic inter layer removing and automatic pallet stacking can be customized based on machine output and requirement of level of automation.

RAPIDdepal-C is covered with mechanical safety grills and photo sensors suitably to ensure human safety. Due to low power, low air consumption, very low maintenance efforts and ergonomic design makes it suitable for your CAN de-palletising operation.

Points of your interest

  • Compatible to fit in different layouts
  • Machine operation selection – Semi automatic OR Automatic
  • Automatic pallet stacking for high speed operation
  • Very low maintenance effort
  • Selection of manual OR automatic removal of inter paper layer
  • Higher operating efficiency