Line Monitoring System




RAPIDlms is customized SCADA based system, which is installed on any RAPID make complete or partial line. Understanding your line operation needs data to be analysed, this can be good tool to enhance the performance of line. RAPIDlms is proved substantially valuable in the task. Modular and customized software of RAPIDlms collect data, record data and analyse it to empower your operation team to take conclusive actions.

Suitable for

RAPIDlms is modular and customized system to fit in to any line project from us. It can also be connected on non—Rapid make lines with special hardware attachments.

Data collection, effective analysis

Conclusive actions need reliable data. RAPID lms collect data related to production, equipment status, quality parameters and key point parameters and consumptions. Data are analysed and converted in customized formats to understand flow of your line, production analysis, bottle neck areas causes efficiency loss, key point and quality consistency.

Right analysis – Right actions leads to savings

Collecting right actual data and right analysis will lead to highlight hidden areas of line causes production efficiency loss, frequent down times or inconsistent behavior of key point parameters. Your remedial action on the points increases the operational efficiency and reduces the overall cost of operation. Analysis of consumption data with production data gives you key indicators, where your operation stand and way to improve it.

Remote communication

We offer you to connect your RAPIDlms with our RAPIDrc enable to see all details of Line Monitoring System on your computer or mobile phone.