RAPIDfill-C filling machine for CAN pack sizes 200ml – 1,000 ml. It can fill Beer or CSD products with high level of product safety. RAPIDfll-CM is specially designed filling machine to fill CSD in CAN with low DO pick-up up to 30 ppb.

Filling machine versions in both Mechnical and Volumetric (Electronic flow meter type) filling valves area available as per your requirement.
RAPIDfill-CM: CAN filler with mechanical filling valves

Model Filling valves Rated speed (@ 330ml)
RAPIDfill-CM-15 15 8,000
RAPIDfill-CM-20 20 12,000
RAPIDfill-CM-30 30 16,000
RAPIDfill-CM-40 40 22,000
RAPIDfill-CM-50 50 28,000
RAPIDfill-CM-60 60 34,000
RAPIDfill-CM-72 72 40,000

RAPIDfill-CV: CAN filler with volumetric filling valves

Model Filling valves Rated speed 
RAPIDfill-CM-40 40 24,000
RAPIDfill-CM-50 50 30,000
RAPIDfill-CM-60 60 36,000
RAPIDfill-CM-72 72 42,000

RAPIDfill-C is the CIP able filling system ensures the best hygienic conditions. The Beer or CSD products having CO2 content up to 8.0 grams/ltr can be filled up to 14 deg. C with volumetric filling valves and 5 deg. C with mechanical filling valves without compromising the performance and output.

The improved CO2 pre-flushing system results in utmost product safety with reduced O2 pick-up, down to 30 ppb

Points of your interest

  • Performance at par with industrial standard
  • Easy container handling parts and changeover
  • Faster filling valve change over
  • Longer operational life of consuming parts
  • 15% lower foot print
  • Lower DO pickup during filling < 30 PPB
  • Filling accuracy (SD) < 1.7 ml for mechanical filling valves
  • Filling accuracy (SD) < 1.2 ml for volumetric filling valves
  • Capable of filling up to temp. 10 deg. C.
  • Operational efficiency  > 98.5%
  • Lower TCO in respected speed segment